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Credit Services
Credit Reporting
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Credit Services

SettlementOne's foundation is providing merged credit files that minimize risk for financial institutions. As one of the nation's largest suppliers of credit data in the country, SettlementOne provides secure and reliable data with a click of a button and passes substantial volume savings along to you.


  • One of the nation's largest providers of credit data
  • EZ Error Correction for borrowers
  • Guaranteed cost savings on credit reports
  • Dedicated account manager
  • One point of contact for bundled services
  • LOS Compatibility
  • Compliance solutions

  • Benefit from a leader in risk management - reduce your liability and associated costs.

    Credit Reporting
    Using advanced merge technology, SettlementOne provides accurate credit reporting solutions.

    EZ Error Correction
    Repositories report erroneous data in one of every three credit reports. SettlementOne's EZ Error Correction quickly and permanently corrects credit errors without costing your borrower a penny.

    Reduce liabilities and limit fraud at the application level with SettlementOne Compliance solutions.

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