Recruiting The Mortgage Industry’s Next Generation

Attracting a young mortgage workforce | SettlementOne

There are several ‘realities’ posing challenges to the future of the nation’s mortgage industry, but perhaps no challenge is more daunting than the need to recruit a younger generation of lenders.

As America’s population ages—and millions of ‘Baby Boomers’ enter their retirement years—there is a rapidly growing need for the nation’s mortgage sector to recruit young men and women to replace those completing their careers.

The reality that is confronting the lending sector is simple: for the industry to survive the 21st Century, it will have to recruit a new generation of loan officers. And with Baby Boomers retiring en masse, and ‘Generation X’ not far behind them, all eyes are fixing on the younger generation labeled “Millennials”. Continue reading “Recruiting The Mortgage Industry’s Next Generation”

Millennial Net Worth—The Financial Burdens of Youth

There is an adage that says that “youth is wasted on the young”; however, recent studies regarding the massive debt incurred by the ‘Millennial Generation’ may make the prospect of being among today’s well-educated youth far less desirable than one might imagine.

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