The Uncertain Future of Dodd Frank

While it may not be the ‘headline-grabber’ that the Administration’s (for now, failed) healthcare overhaul has been, waiting in the wings for the spotlight remains the President’s long-standing promise of overhauling 2010’s Dodd-Frank financial legislation.

Throughout last year’s campaign, and on into this past spring, President Trump promised that an overhaul of the controversial legislation was on the horizon; in the spring, the President described the changes as “a very major haircut”. In late April, the President went even further, suggesting to a gathering of CEOs that a full repeal of Dodd-Frank remained a possibility. Continue reading “The Uncertain Future of Dodd Frank”

Meet Steve Mnuchin, America’s New ‘Financial Sheriff’

In many classic Hollywood western films, one of the most common cliché phrases used to introduce new local lawmakers was frequently “there’s a new sheriff in town.”

With the recent confirmation of Steven Mnuchin as America’s new Secretary of Treasury, the nation’s financial community is scrambling to familiarize itself with its new ‘sheriff’, the man charged with helping shape America’s financial policies and direction for the next four years.

Continue reading “Meet Steve Mnuchin, America’s New ‘Financial Sheriff’”