SettlementOne Management Team

Tom Hurst, Chief Executive Officer LinkedIn

As Chief Executive Officer of SettlementOne, Tom Hurst provides executive leadership and strategic direction to all facets of SettlementOne. Tom is an authentic leader, with a keen focus on both internal and external relationship building that fosters confidence, trust and followership. His visionary drive and strategic thinking challenges the status quo – as displayed in his ability to disrupt the valuation and mortgage technology space for the past 15 years. 

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Kelly Taylor, Chief Revenue Officer LinkedIn

As Chief Revenue Officer of SettlementOne, Kelly Taylor is responsible for U.S. sales, customer support, marketing, pricing and corporate strategy. Kelly is a sales and business development expert with more than 25 years of leadership experience in the mortgage industry.

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Darrel Brown, Vice President of Operations LinkedIn

As Vice President, Darrel’s responsibilities include budget management, oversight and management of the company’s key performance indicators that help ensure SettlementOne meets its business objectives, as well as managing personnel issues. He is also responsible for ensuring that SettlementOne provides unsurpassed customer service and continued client satisfaction.

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