Imagine a single platform that enables you to predict, identify and market to potential customers in the area you want to target.

AimLogic utilizes predictive analytics to provide financial institutions with high propensity potential customers, in the geographic footprint of their choice – that are most likely in the market for a new product; checking account, mortgage loan, auto loan, or a credit card within the next 6 months.

AimLogic’s proprietary algorithm sources a multitude of data assets, including social media profiles, online buying habits and a wide range of public market and search activity.  Aimlogic’s modeling reviews past behavioral traits, actions and activities to determine specific attributes.

Utilizing this data the company’s intelligent technology creates predictive analytics resulting in profiles of potential clients with the highest propensity to purchase a specific product.

Aimlogic’s proprietary technology was specifically designed to meet the needs of financial institutions looking to surgically target customers based on insight intelligence.