Digital Marketing

Programmatic Marketing Solutions

Programmatic digital advertising uses advanced tracking technology to identify individual people online then present ads only to them. This method is much more efficient and effective than other forms of digital advertising because you are able to target people, not geo-locations (like zip codes) or keywords or general demographics.

People are the target audience, and SettlementOne has advanced technology to identify specific people online; all the devices they use; where they use them; then present your product ads directly to these people when they are online. As a result, your organization isn’t wasting digital spend on blanketing an area with ads that may be presented to many people who aren’t in-market. SettlementOne helps you put the human element back into marketing by targeting people who are in-market with relevant ads, bringing them into your institution for greater conversion.


Move your digital marketing up to the next level with SettlementOne’s Advanced Programmatic and Cross-Channel Marketing.

For example, combining display ads, plus emails to follow a person online and reach them with ads and messages that help nurture them through the sales funnel. It is critical to be able to target the right people, at the right time, with the right message no matter where they are located. SettlementOne uses advanced systems and strategies to create campaigns that reach out to the right people to drive your institution’s brand awareness and increase conversion.

Cross-channel marketing is reaching these potential customers through all of their devices and using more than one type of advertising to drive your message home.