The SettlementOne Advantage

If you have worked in or around the mortgage industry, you’ve likely used or heard of SettlementOne. Our comprehensive offering is matched only by its aggressively priced rates. This “many things to many people” moniker makes it tough to put a generic label on SettlementOne. And that’s been by design.

The mortgage business is a process that involves many aspects. Lenders, Title, Flood, Underwriters, the Government, the State — the list seems to be endless and growing. So at SettlementOne, we took the approach of providing both consumers and lenders with an integrated offering that fills as many gaps as possible in the mortgage process.

Our mission is to offer a comprehensive mortgage solution to lenders of all types that expedites the approval process for consumers, while at the same time protecting the lender from false data. Sound challenging? Perhaps, but at SettlementOne we pride ourselves on being the one company that can take on such a task.

That’s the SettlementOne Advantage. Our reward? Hundreds of satisfied customers and most of our advertising has been word of mouth.

And that makes us proud.