Credit Reporting

Many factors contribute to a potential borrower’s creditworthiness. Credit scores assess a borrower’s ability to repay debt and make payments on time, while lenders evaluate the likelihood of payment default, all based on assets, debts, credit, and work history.

For over 25 years, SettlementOne has provided millions of fast, accurate, and reliable credit reports to clients nationwide. By utilizing our web-based credit reporting solution, financial institutions can manage their risk-based analysis and monitor activity at any time. Easy-to-analyze reports from one, two, or three-bureau credit reports are delivered within seconds.

SettlementOne empowers financial institutions to make educated, low-risk lending decisions quickly.


  • Guaranteed cost savings
  • Easy access to all reports for 30 days at no additional cost
  • Highly secure data transmission and storage
  • Real-time billing and activity reports
  • Internal management reporting
  • Duplicate pull protection
  • Dedicated account manager