Eric Ring, Chief Information Officer LinkedIn

In his role as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for SNH–a company whose hallmark is offering clients state-of-the-art technology–Eric Ring plays a pivotal role ensuring that both SNH, and its customers, receive the maximum possible benefit from the high quality data the company provides.

As an experienced IT industry leader, Eric brings with him an impressive professional background. Prior to joining SNH, Eric served as Senior Vice President, of the Enterprise Architecture at CoreLogic. In that capacity, he drove product and technical architecture for CoreLogic’s next-generation systems, and worked closely with their delivery teams to bring new product to market. Previously at CoreLogic, Eric oversaw and developed infrastructure operations and information security, and directed all aspects of computing and datacenter infrastructure and application support.

Eric’s professional history also includes his tenure as Chief Information Officer at First Advantage Credco, a California-based consumer credit reporting service. In that position, Eric was responsible for Information Technology for First Advantage’s most profitable division; Eric’s professional background also includes tenures as Senior Vice President, IT Operations, at First American Credco, and Director of IT Infrastructure at Advanta, a San Diego-based financial services company.

As a seasoned IT industry leader, Eric is also a founding member of the San Diego Chapter of the Society of Information Management.