Valuation Solutions

SettlementOne provides customizable property valuation solutions for wholesale and retail mortgage loan origination, default and asset management, and correspondent lending. SettlementOne takes the same sweeping approach to valuation that it does to the mortgage market. Our service simplifies and expedites your underwriting services.

First, a comprehensive integrated offering not only expedites valuation ordering and management for the lender, it helps keep the consumer engaged and excited about their new home. The more accurate the assessed value, the greater the consumer confidence.

Second, SettlementOne digs deep into the local markets, selecting experienced and vetted appraisers, who know their areas intimately. This requires a detailed internal management process by our staff – and more of them — but the result is the most accurate property valuations money can buy.

A variety of Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) as well as our own proprietary solutions are available.