SettlementOne Connect

SettlementOne Connect is an innovative technology platform to manage the appraisal process internally. It’s highly customizable and  integrates conveniently with most LOS and processing systems.

While there is no change to your order process or to your appraisers, you gain operational efficiency, data security, scalability and compliance.

SettlementOne Connect’s appraiser manager tool lets you customize each appraiser’s profile based on product competency, coverage area and pricing. Your administrative staff will have visibility into the information they need to be efficient and productive. You’ll have instant access to thousands of appraisers already vetted by other financial institutions.

Pipeline Management

With SettlementOne Connect, you can easily track the status of all appraisal orders in your pipeline. Each order is color coded to show you exactly where it is in the process.

Appraiser License Management

SettlementOne Connect helps you to avoid assigning an order to an unlicensed appraiser or an appraiser on an investor ineligible list.  SettlementOne Connect notifies you – and the appraiser – when the appraiser’s credentials need to be updated.


Confidently assure regulators that your appraisal process meets all Dodd-Frank requirements for appraiser independence. You eliminate appraisal risk by utilizing a third party technology that guarantees separation between loan production and appraisers. Our compliance process includes:

  • Double blind assignment logic
  • Anonymous messaging
  • Audit trail of communication to ensure complete transparency
  • Administrative control and oversight

With SettlementOne Connect, at the click of a button you will have full access to vendor statistics on the following:

  • Individual AMC and/or appraiser quality
  • Performance via turn-time analysis reporting
  • Revision rates and appraisers declining orders
  • Reports based on underwriting conditions or Reconsideration of Values